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Personalised Scatter Cushions South Africa

Everybody wants to have a cushion with their favourite picture or their name in a nice design, so giving them personalized cushions is a great option to surprise that person you love so much. In addition, you can customize it on both sides and make it even more original. These make great gifts for couples. They will love it!

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Why buy custom Cushions?

People who give personalized cushions seem very intelligent. They are not just any gifts: they are always used, they are associated with perfect moments (like taking a nap), they are cheap, they are personalized in a thousand ways, they like everyone … Do you need more reasons?

Many people ask us why we have cushions and cups in the same section. And not only because they share all these characteristics, but also because people who buy a cushion often complement their gift with a cup (and vice versa).

All custom cushions that we sell in Original Gift have measures of 40×40 centimetres. You can customize those with photos to one or two faces: this is important. In very few places, you will find custom double-sided cushions.

100% customizable

The base product is 100% customizable. That is, you can customize a cushion with the photos you want, with texts, with designs … The only limit is your imagination!

Anyway, we know that we are not always especially inspired. Therefore, we want to talk to you about several product lines with which we can help you.

  • Professional cushions: Perfect for situations such as the invisible friend or gifts to coworkers. Please choose one of our characters (from office workers to nuns, passing through astronauts or doctors) and personalize it with the name you want.

Cushions for any event

Think that they are for all kinds of situations. Many people ask for weddings, birthdays, baptisms to give to teachers or professors at the end of the course for bachelor parties.

Children’s cushions!

So far, we have raised different options to customize the different models with designs or photos, but can you imagine designing them with drawings made by your own children? Now it is possible! If you do not know how to make cushions for children, it’s straightforward. You have to choose the drawing you like, scan it and convert it. JPG. Afterwards, you will only have to choose the model you want, along with the appropriate material and size, and upload and add the design. It’s that easy.

Making cushions with drawings of children is ideal as a decoration in your room and a gift for dads, moms, grandparents, and teachers. They love it because there is nothing more personal than a design made with so much love and care.

If you do not like to draw, you can also create fun cushions and geeks with your favourite fictional characters. Being total personalization on both sides, you can make a collage of photos with all your favourite characters from movies, series or books. It will become your favourite because it will be complete to your liking.

How to place cushions on the bed

The bed is the main protagonist of a room. Therefore, you must choose a good decoration to create harmony between all the elements. Depending on the size of the bed, you will need more or fewer cushions. For beds of 1.50 m, the ideal is not to saturate and choose a maximum of four cushions.

When doubts come in when the bed is bigger, where is the limit? We recommend you not to put more than six cushions; it is uncomfortable, at the same time, excessive. This is our favourite order to place them:

  • First line: first, place the pillows as support and base for the rest of the decoration that you will put next.
  • Second line: on the pillows, place two large square cushions. Choose the 50×50 cm faux leather or the polyester, satin or Panama 55×55 cm. Regarding personalization, choose tones and textures similar to those of the quilt or the colours of the room itself.
  • Third line: To not stack with each other, it is preferable to change both sizes and shapes. Therefore, we choose now the rectangular ones and of a somewhat smaller size. You can continue using the same colours as in the other model, but this time with lighter shades, for example. Change the shades of the chromatic scale so that the visual impact is original but not garish.
  • According to our distribution, the fourth line would be the last, but you can always add one more line. In this case, we give way to smaller models or models with different shapes: the round model or the heart model, for example. These last two will be the ones that will stand out the most, so make sure you choose the best personalization. Here you can be much more creative and put your initials, for example, or a pretty phrase.

This is our proposal, but you can make the combinations you want with our different models. You can also play a lot with personalization so that the result will be unique and original. Start creating your own and make your bed speak for itself.


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